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  • GPREZQ: nails are long so sorry for typos all
    Today at 10:31
  • GPREZQ: good dayy
    Today at 10:31
  • GPREZQ: as i said let piglet handle it . I have always respect for all  and i am not going to get into a fight of words on here and do what i did if you cant understand it LOOK IT UP have a good day everyone this is about respecting each other male and female in hame and in here not to trash them this window is not for hatred or anger if you all have a problem with someone on game that did sone thing to you or on game you are to email admins not trash each other in here when you come into the hame at tinmes do you all see that it says cant we all just get along and have fun well there is a reason for that saying so look everyone JUST GO PLAY AND HAVE SOME FUN WE ARE ALL FRIENDS IN HERE AND REPSECT each other no matter where we all come from anyway thx and have a  food day
    Today at 10:30
  • Krellsan: GP! Firstly I hardly understood what was written there. secondly, you are all messing up out of the blue. and in the third, it is high time to sort it out and I do not see any difficulties for active actions
    Today at 08:49
  • MaD-SkunK: yes beaver she is
    Today at 08:46
  • GPREZQ: sorry for the typos all
    Today at 03:55
  • GPREZQ: Krellsan  u looked up all you siad on here in russian and your swear words are way out of line u wiykd never disrepect anu f you but your giving the server a vad name saying wht you posted iin here i am sure admins wouldnt appriciate any of the words you posted you are wat out of line with tha comment of curese words  a have respect for all of you you should do the same i actually feel sorry for you what you posted but as i sadi before i am sure the admins will deal with what you have said in here
    Today at 03:55
  • Joustin_Beaver: tirofijo is female ?
    Today at 00:41
  • GPREZQ: Kuje us saud  b4 piglet will deal with it  :(
    Yesterday at 19:33
  • GPREZQ: >>>>>>>?????????? si you think this is funny capacal Krell, Лавров прав  :o it isnt
    Yesterday at 19:32
  • Caracal: Krell, Лавров прав  :D
    Yesterday at 17:24
  • GPREZQ: thank you piglet for ur understanding and kindnesss
    Yesterday at 17:07
  • Piglet: I jolly well have to - I have a house full of them :)  If it happens'll be a lot quieter around here
    Yesterday at 16:51
  • GPREZQ: I will let piglet handle this issue since he does have respect for females ty have a good day
    Yesterday at 16:36
  • Krellsan: lol. all that respect and tolerate things will kill this world. can we start hollywar or revolution?  males, females. lol. internet  had no gender!  let's send each other gtfo and stfu!! lemme me go first! дебилы, блять.
    Yesterday at 16:17

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