Freon was originally written by the 3SPN team, and has been bug-fixed and logic and gameplay polished over time by various people including Hagis and Piglet.  Yes, some of the announcements in the game are Piglet's voice!

It's a team game of "last team member standing", but unlike TAM players are (normally) frozen when they are killed.

There are many different branches of Freon code with many different features added but the one running on the server here is described below.
In the top left of the screen there is a list of player names. Each player name has a coloured or grey blob beside it, with a white dot moving round it and a blue dot inside it moving up and down.
  • The blob colour shows the player health. Green is high health, red is low, grey is frozen
  • The white dot shows the direction you need to head to get to them relative to where you are. If it's at the left of the blob they are to your left, if to the right of the blob they are to your right. If at the top of the blob they are in front of you....
  • The blue dot tells you the height they are relative to you. If it's at the top of the blob they're above you, if it's at the bottom of the blob they're below you.

Nasty is frozen, slightly below me, forward and slightly left of where I am looking...

At the start of each round you're given a message saying how to get to the configuration panel. That's normally by pressing the "F7" key or using the console command "menu3spn"

On the configuration panel there are lots of options. Do set up bright skins there - it makes a lot of difference!

You can also change the indication of height from the blue blob style to a "+/-" where a "+" tells you that the player is above you and a "-" tells you that a player is below you. This setting is useful if you find the blobs too small as those don't scale properly and the +/- scales much better.

Slayer is frozen, above me behind and to the left:

Once you reach zero health you're frozen.

You can specate your team or return to where you are frozen by pressing mouse buttons. You can do this until you're thawed or the next round starts.

You can  humiliate icicles even more by standing on them...and doing a dance if you like. You can even stack them if you feel bored.

Players who kill themselves thaw slower.
Players who freeze themselves and land in lava (or are immediately pushed in) lose thaw protection and die there.
Beside frozen teammates' heads you will see an icon:

*  a very small red skull and crossbones when they killed themself. If you see this then being pushed into lava means death:

* a very small suicide prevention ribbon. They get this a few seconds after they killed themself. If you see this it's OK to push them into lava and thaw

* otherwise the normal icon. The teammate can be thawed by standing by them or pushing them into lava

Frozen teammates can be defrosted by:
  • A live player standing close to them. The closer the better. It takes about 5.5 seconds (admin configurable) from 0% thawed with one player
  • Slowly defrosting in the absense of a team member standing by them. This takes about 90 seconds (admin configurable).
  • A live team member using the "Necro Combo" (Resurrect) - movement keys "back back forward forward" with 100 adrenaline will do an instant thaw, as will a key bind of "usenecro".

You can use your sheild gun primary to move frozen players together and thaw more than one at a time. The more players that do the thawing the quicker the thaw is. The more there are the bigger target they make! Thawing makes you a more easy to hit target and liable to get hit by splash damage.

Players with the red or yellow icons beside them will thaw more slowly by teammate (configurable at 60% normal speed). It's to give you a reason to think twice about suicide.

You can use sheild gun primary to move a frozen player somewhere safer to thaw.

If you use speed adrenaline combo you will thaw much faster. It's sometimes more effective to use this than necro combo...but you rarely see it done.

If you push a frozen player into a triggered trap/killzone they will die. Do it 4 times and you will lose adrenaline and be called names by the server.

If you push a frozen player into Lava they thaw immediately with full health. On other servers you can abuse this by using a rocket jump or flak jump to freeze yourself and land+thaw in lava with full health. Here you can't. If you try it you thaw with 1 health and the lava kills you dead. If you land near lava after having killed yourself this way and get pushed in before the red skull icon changes to a yellow ribbon the same thing will happen. As soon as you see the yellow ribbon it's fine...push them in and they should have enough time of spawn protection to get out as long as they don't shoot a gun.

The team that thaws best often wins. Thawing gives you ammo for the gun you're holding at the time, points and adrenaline. It helps your team win more than trying to take on the entire enemy team rambo-style. If you use a sheild as you thaw, you get some protection from being shot but don't get ammo. You need to assess the risk of not using sheild!

If you are high health, being near a low health teammate increases their health. If you are low health, being near a higher health teammate increases your health. It does make a bigger target!

You have limited ammo - so use it wisely. Thaw to get more

There is limited friendly fire and reverse friendly fire. Try not to hit teammates as it hurts both you and them. If you do manage to hit or freeze them it's only polite to try and help them as soon as possible.

You can bind "teamsay" keys in user.ini with the following things that can be useful in telling your team your status:

  • %A - Displays your current Adrenaline amount.
  • %S - Displays your current Shield strength.
  • %H - Displays your current Health amount (or percentage thawed)
  • %W - Displays your current weapon.
  • %% - Displays a % symbol.

If a round goes on for a long time overtime starts and you slowly lose health and then die (not freeze). You may want to suicide/shoot the ground to freeze yourself when you get very low health. You'll lose some adrenaline.

If you stay in the same place for too long you will be called a camper and receive increasingly painful penalties.

Unlike on some other servers, you're not camping if you're actively thawing.

You should are able to be thawed by your new team when you switch (or are switched) to a new team (bug fix from original code)

On this version there is no need to move out of range and back again on thawing to thaw/heal nearby players, however if you thaw in thawing range then you don't have spawn protection.

I've fixed the bug that could be used to telefrag frozen players. This should also prevent the random telefrags you see on other servers. Just in case someone wants to allow this...I've left it configurable from the webadmin!

There are two systems for rewarding thawers:

The one we're not currently using counts and rewards every time you are present at the thawing of a player. This isn't really fair as the player that thaws to 99% and then has to leave (or is fragged thawing) gets no reward, and the player that turned up at 99% gets everything.

The one we're using counts every little bit of partial thaws and rewards the thawer every 50 health thawed.

A reward is adrenaline and ammo for the gun they're holding. If that gun is full then it rewards with ammo for the most empty gun. You can use this logic to reload an entirely empty gun.

There are random pickups. If you can't use a pickup you get a low "duh" sound, and a message in the bottom of your screen telling you that you can't pick up more health/shield/adren - or tells you that it's the end of the round so you can't pick it up. You can pick up adrenaline pickups at round end so it' worth trying!

The players you will find on Freon servers are likely to be much more skilled at aiming and movement than players on ONS servers. They may appear to be so much better that you think they are cheating. They probably aren't :)