Solution to Game Explorer/rundll32.exe problem  (Read 926 times)


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Solution to Game Explorer/rundll32.exe problem
« on: July 17, 2015, 19:23 »
Noticed this odd problem today trying to run UT2004: game does not appear to start, CPU usage over 9000.
Apparently, this is a very common issue, is caused by Game Explorer in Windows. Description of this problem from a fellow victim:

This 'feature' is highly irritating and was clearly designed with the all-too-common "every computer is connected to the internet" mindset. The Games Explorer in Windows 7 has been causing me grief for quite some time, although I've only recently discovered that it was the cause. The problem manifests it'self like so:

When I try to launch a game (a third party game, like UT2004), only the game's process appears in task manager - the app it'self fails to open. However, the rundll32 process appears, and proceeds to use 50% of the CPU for absolutely nothing. When I try to launch the game a second time, it actually launches correctly, but now there are two of the same process in task manager, and rundll32 is still swamping the CPU.

All this is due to Windows 7's games explorer trying to download cover art and info about the game with which to furnish it's worthless 'Games' folder. It's failing, because the PC does not have a permanent internet connection.

Even though I have configured it to NOT "Download art and information about the games on your computer", I've noticed that it still does it anyway.

So could someone please enlighten me; I want to disable the Games Explorer and all it's processes and/or services.

Basically, if you're offline or have a strictly configured firewall like me, it'll not let the game load.

Solution: rename or delete gameux.dll

If you're using 64-bit Windows, do it here:
or if 32-bit here:

If you get a msg like "this file is protected by Trusted Installer", follow this tutorial.

You might need to redo this after Windows updates.