I'm playing like I have a ping of 200 on Mia Warfare Server  (Read 1533 times)


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I don't know u you have this issue but somehow i can't hit barely anything at close range on the MIA Server (read: only Mia Warfare Server) mostly with the flak or shock. 
My ping is mostly around 40-50ish.

When targets further away this become less an issue of course but its still there. Trying battling a Manta with shock is kinda pointless for me because A: I hit shit, B: somehow the the manta has a tiny hit box and i shoot trough them or it has to do with the delay. So I'm pretty amazed some people have a high hit rate on the manta, even with a wayyyy higher ping.

I've replaced my monitor already(needed a new one anyway) and this slightly increased some ms but doesn't seems do the trick.

So its me or its the server and berserk mode messing things up?
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